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 I help brilliant, driven and socially conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, and creatives step into a higher level of visibility, impact and profits.


This is achieved through a process that combines Messaging Mentorship (strategy & coaching) and fresh copy that captures the essence of their brilliance and exudes truth, clarity and connection.

Striking Statements are made when you know, trust and embody your truth. By working with Striking Statements for your brand messaging, we will absolutely capture the essence of your mission and vision.

Here's what I know about you:

  • There's a mismatch between how you desire to show up in the world and what you're actually doing.

  • You're frustrated that your copy isn't engaging and converting readers into customers.

  • You feel embarrassed because you can't articulate something that you know so much about into a brief, catchy, and compelling statement. 

  • You're tired of spending way too much of your time writing, deleting, and rewriting only to have copy that feels lukewarm and fails to convey your passion.


Once we work together, you will:

❤︎ Feel more confident in sharing who you are, what you value, and the mission that you’re destined to fulfill.


❤︎ Have clarity in who you really want to work with and serve so that you can speak directly to them with sincerity with words that move them to action. 


​❤︎ Attract premium clients and opportunities for wider visibility as a leader in your industry and trusted resource.

❤︎ Have a more elevated self-image and understand how to embody the energy of the person you are becoming.

Core Messaging Revamp

This is the first step to taking your messaging to the next level. Revamping your CORE MESSAGE will help you accurately convey your company's mission, what you do, and what transformation you bring.



  • Core Brand Mission Statement/Value Statement Rewrite

  • Messaging Themes Identified


  • Ideal Client Persona Development


  • Content Ideation + Implementation Guidance



Personal Desk


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If your end goal is to have words to establish your credibility, make a heartfelt connection and increase your sales - then you're in the right place.

Striking Statements will provide you with copy that is polished, effortlessly persuasive, and sounds 100% like you.



  • Appeals to your IDEAL client's needs and desires.

  • Contains your personality and tone of voice.


  • Is in complete alignment with who you are, what you offer, and how you want to be perceived as a leader and professional.


  • Websites & landing pages

  • Email marketing

  • Bios

  • Podcast intros

  • Video scripts

Pencil and Notebook

Brand Messaging Integration

During this 5-month guided collaboration, we will use a specific process from my Brand Messaging Blueprint to take your messaging from confusing and disconnected to clear, memorable, and genuine. 


Are you ready to express the most aligned version of yourself so that you can access the money, impact and freedom you deserve?



  • An audit of all your current messaging.

  • A total brand messaging revamp using my Signature Brand Messaging Blueprint.

  • 1 60-minute call with Keasha per month to discuss the specific focus for the month, check-in on progress, determine next steps, and discover opportunities to fine tune your copy for maximum impact.

  • Messaging themes to strengthen your brand tone of voice for recognizable copy across all marketing touch points.


  • Unlimited access via email for messaging mentorship and to celebrate milestones. 



"Keasha worked wonders with my content. The way that she understood me and was able to read between the lines to capture who I am and what I do so early in our conversation was bananas! She is truly remarkable."

 Misti Burmeister

   Award-Winning Author, Entrepreneur, Innovator


“Working with Keasha has been so valuable and even more successful for me because she offers a hybrid of coaching (I do the work) and copywriting services (she does the work). In my experience, it’s been either one or the other. When it’s both, it’s a powerful combination of growth + clarity,  AND having an end product to actually walk away with (that nails your message because of the coaching). It really takes a lot of pressure off when you have someone by your side doing the heavy lifting with you.”

Kimberly Wyman

Children's Author


"What impressed me right from the beginning about Keasha, was our very first conversation. She focused on getting to know me and really took the time to understand my personality and what I wanted for my brand and image. This process reflects 100% in her work! 

With two email campaigns we saw an increase in our Open and Click through statistics."

Aaron Stewart

Small Business Owner

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