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Hi, I'm Keasha

I'm a Messaging Mentor, Personal Branding Coach, Speaker and am also the Founder &  CEO of Striking Statements.

For more 15+ years, I've used a relatable, high energy, and intuitive approach to copywriting and Messaging Mentorship to help brilliant entrepreneurs from around the globe enhance the quality and visibility of their brand message.


I believe that the best way to make a Striking Statement is to allow your authentic self-expression to lead the way.


Everyone has a statement to make, but only Striking Statements magnetize the right people and opportunities to you like magic.


Your Evolution is Inevitable

What I know for sure is that every person on the planet desires to be truly heard and understood.

And if you've recently evolved, but struggle to find the right words to describe what you stand for, who you help, and why it matters - it can feel really disempowering.

I know firsthand how this feels. When I decided to leave the role I had for 5 years in corporate public relations for the entrepreneurial journey, it wasn't easy to speak with clarity and conviction about what I was doing. 


  • I stifled my own impact because I was unclear about who I wanted to be as a leader.

  • My messaging didn’t convey my process or the transformation that I led my clients to. 

  • I was inconsistent in sharing the parts of my story that gave validation to my mission.

Branding that's unclear will stifle your impact and block your prosperity

Are you ready to stop spinning in circles so that you can start making Striking Statements?


If yes, then you need an expert like me to provide you with messaging direction through an innovative approach that provides fresh, professional copy that captures the essence of your mission and magnetizes premium clients. 


The shift

Keasha Looking Up..JPG

I had the talent and skills to help others in a tremendous way but I felt INADEQUATE in explaining who this newest version of Keasha was and why what I had to offer mattered.

Sound familiar?

It took an intentional process to move from a place of stagnation to a state of ease, clarity and confidence.

And soon after, I began to EMBODY the energy that transformed my world.


Having clear messaging that I EMBODY attracts the people who need what I have to offer the most because they understand the transformation that I can lead them to.


They also admire the way that I SHOW UP as an entrepreneur and leader because it’s magnetizing.


Now I attract amazing people and opportunities to me like magic and I want the same for you.

Our Mission

We help ambitious, socially aware entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives craft messaging that's an accurate depiction of their current brand values and vision.

Through the framework of my signature Brand Messaging Blueprint, we ensure that our clients have the right words to inspire, create meaning, and move people to action. 

We’re focused on helping entrepreneurs who have recently evolved - step into their next level of CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and CASH FLOW.


Keasha w Heart.jpg

A few of my favorite things:

San Diego sunsets

Vegan food

The Taxi theme song

Oracle Card decks



Laughing until my cheeks are sore

Interior design

Hearing my daughter laugh


Journaling - I have so many journals!

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