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Are you a smart, established, and multi-passionate service provider, leader or entrepreneur? Have you evolved recently and need support with enhancing your personal brand to increase your magnetism, influence, and visibility?

❤ How would it feel to have a marketing message that has clarity, conviction and resonates on a SOUL level with the clients that are willing and ready to buy?

❤ What if you received a fresh perspective and tools to overcome your tendency to overthink and feel overwhelmed?

❤ What would happen if more people took notice of what you had to say, remembered what you do, and paid you consistently?

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I'm going to take a wild guess and say it would amplify and attract all of the things that you TRULY DESIRE!

Hi. I'm Keasha Lee and I'm a personal branding coach and messaging mentor who is passionate about living a creatively expressed life. My purpose is to give other heart-led and visionary people the permission and tools to: be unapologetic about what they stand for, have fun talking about what they offer, and make more money simply by being themselves.

Do you have a personal brand that you love? 😍

It doesn't matter how long you've been in business - evolving and reinventing your personal brand is fundamental if you want to stay relevant and increase your revenue.

💘 During the 1-hour Personal Branding Audit session you will receive:

❤ Fresh perspective and practical + powerful steps to move from STUCK to STAND OUT!

❤ Steps to refresh your marketing messaging for 'language that lands' with the RIGHT people.

❤ An exercise in uncovering your IT Factor *this is so necessary for a Striking personal brand.

❤ Access to my Branding Boldly guide that's full of my best tips and a process to reframe self-limiting thoughts and patterns so that you can magnetize soul match clients and dreamy opportunities!

Get Your Personal Branding Audit for only $297

Your Personal Brand Can Be a Powerful Asset

Do you have more than a couple of interests outside of your main gig and struggle with introducing those interests and gifts into your overall brand?

I totally GET it!


When I made my transition from copywriter to personal branding coach, it took nearly 2 years for me to boldly step out and share my new identity. 


 I knew it was a necessary progression, but I stalled because I had spent so many years building my reputation as a copywriter and didn't know how to reintroduce this next level version of myself.

There were some self-imposed limitations and stories that I had been believing about myself. There was also fear of the unknown and of what people would think.


But personal branding wasn't the only interest that I discovered and decided to go all in on.

Over the past 7 years, I've pursued acting and have been a paid actor for 3 years, I've deepened my spiritual practice and became a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, and I stopped hiding my other woo woo gifts and now get hired to do tarot card readings for individuals and groups.

Keasha w Heart.jpg

 I'd grown a copywriting business helping others convey their genius through words that motivated, inspired, and moved people to action - but I struggled with finding the right words and "right moment" to share all of the facets of myself.

So, I went through my own process of declaring what I stand for and uncovering my IT Factor. I went through the steps of what is now the Embodied Branding Blueprint, the framework of my Embody Your Brand (EYB) coaching program.


Today, I provide personal branding coaching and consulting to small businesses, service providers, and organizations to help them become more influential, grow a profitable niche, master their messaging, and SHINE BRIGHT to attract the right customers and opportunities.

Words from Past Personal Brand Audit Session Clients


"I scheduled a Love Your Personal Brand session with Keasha and she did a wonderful job helping me to articulate my values, strengths, and unique offerings. She reviewed a few of my brand marketing materials and gave me guidance on how to better clarify my message and who I am. When our call was done I had some action steps that were easy to implement and provided valuable improvements to my personal brand. I highly recommend Keasha!" - K.

"Thank you, Keasha! This has been so great! I feel confident and much more clear on my next steps." J.

"You are my personal branding GURU! I feel so much lighter and confident in knowing the common thread between my varied interests and how to communicate this to my audience." C.

This is the lowest price that I will ever offer my coaching services so take advantage of this rate now! Limited spots available!


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