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Are you ready to EXPAND, EMBRACE, and EMBODY the new version of YOU through your personal brand and message?

During your VIP Day with me, we will focus on manifesting your big desires by using my signature approach that hones in on your mindset, self-image and messaging so that you can make Striking Statements in your business.

You and me, 1 to 1, for 6 total hours of content strategy, personal branding coaching, and feedback that includes:

  • A thorough audit of your current branding.​​

  • Restructuring of your offers so that it’s a no-brainer for customers and clients to sign up.

  • A step-by-step overview and application of my Embodied Branding Blueprint to your unique business and vision.

  • Meditation tools and manifesting practices to support you in directing your life so that you have the life experiences that you desire with ease and consistency.


  • A content creation plan focused on amplifying your IT Factor.

There's more...

We'll meet in person at a beautiful and energizing location that will help your creativity flow. 


We'll nosh on delicious and nutritious snacks and a catered lunch.


The day is about supporting YOU by offering my expertise to help you evolve your messaging, mindset and self-image to embody the energy of all you have become.

How would your life look and feel if you understood how to embody your personal branding to get NOTICED, REMEMBERED, and PAID to be who you are while doing what you love?

Personal Branding that is focused on addressing the transformation that you can make for your ideal clients will naturally attract who you are meant to work with.

When you EMBODY your brand, you can easily and clearly convey:

⚡️Your mission and values.


⚡️Who benefits the most from your solutions.

⚡️The transformation that you guide others to.


⚡️Why what you have to offer matters right NOW.​

And when that happens backed by an energy of confidence and will attract the right people, opportunities, and clients like magic.



Payment is required to book the date.




Please note: While I do offer plenty of suggested copy, this isn’t a service that includes rounds of edits.

After our VIP day, you’ll have email access to me for an additional 3 business days for follow-up questions and support!

What happens during VIP Day?

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