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Founder Keasha Lee in a vibrant top in front of a Striking mural

Keasha Lee 

Founder & CEO

Personal Branding Strategist  Clarity Coach | Speaker

Get the Embody Your Message (EYM) Masterclass to make a Striking Statement with your brand.

Want to learn the 3 essential steps to EMBODYING YOUR MESSAGE so that you can show up with CONFIDENCE, COMMAND attention, and ATTRACT your soul match clients with ease?

Click below to get the free Embody Your Message 3-Part Masterclass video series!

core messaging revamp

This is the first step to taking your messaging to the next level. Revamping your CORE MESSAGE will help you accurately convey your company's mission, what you do, and what transformation you bring.


During your VIP Day with me, you will have my undivided attention focused on helping you attract more money, amazing clients and mind-blowing opportunities by amplifying your Personal Branding. 


Personal branding Coaching

1:1 Expert strategy and support to help you level up your mindset, self-image and messaging to AMPLIFY a personal brand that gets you NOTICED and PAID. 




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"Personal branding is the Art of Teaching others how to perceive you." - Keasha 

Founder of Striking Statements Keasha Lee on a red bench.

Hello, I'm Keasha. I started Striking Statements because I'm passionate about helping heart-led, visionary and conscious entrepreneurs and professionals like you, embody the essence of who you are through personal branding that exudes truth, clarity and connection.

Have you outgrown your current branding but feel stuck on what to say, how to re-introduce yourself or where to begin?


If you want to refresh your branding for more confidence, cashflow, and clout, then I can help.  


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Client Testimonial from Kathleen

"Keasha helps clients like me do shadow work without us realizing it! She inspired me to keep digging to face my fear of being seen. And she does it in such a humble, compassionate way. Thank you!"


Kathleen Nicole

Holistic Nutritionist & Author

Testimonial from Striking Statements client Chrish Knuth

"I began working with Keasha to ensure that we are attracting the "ideal" clients to our business. 

She knew exactly which questions to ask me in order to find out what we excelled at and made us stand out from others in our industry.


In a matter of days, Keasha had masterfully transformed our USP, messaging and talking points into the clear, concise and effective voice for our business and brand.

I'd definitely recommend her to anyone looking to craft the perfect message for their brand!”

Chris Knuth 
Business Owner and Community Leader

Striking Statements client Lisane Basquiat

"Keasha is a master at drilling down to the essence of your brand and helping you tell its authentic story - the way you really want it told. Keasha is a gifted, intuitive, and generous creative and wordsmith who delivers quality results, each and every time."

Lisane Basquiat

Transformational Leader & Life Strategist

If there is a mismatch between how you want to be perceived and the persona that's portrayed online...
then the free Embody Your Message (EYM) Masterclass is a great place to start.

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