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How to Manifest a Miraculous Life

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

The topic of manifestation is being talked about more now than ever. If you type in “manifesting” as a keyword search in Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok or YouTube - you’ll find tons of results.

I’ve developed specific practices in my own life to manifest SO many epic experiences and I wanted to share my take on what manifesting is, how it works, and what you can do to begin manifesting the experiences, things and people that you truly want into your life.

What Does Manifesting Really Mean?

Manifesting happens when we use our attention as a point of attracting the tangible things and experiences that we desire. The truth is, we’re always manifesting. It’s just that most people are doing it by default, not realizing that their thoughts and emotions are creating their reality.

You may have your feelings around the word “manifest” and that’s okay.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer - what you think about, expect and believe the most - is what you bring to LIFE.

What you focus on becomes bigger. The circumstances in your life will always serve as a reflection of where you focus your attention, thoughts and beliefs.

Your mind is so powerful that it can create a “reality” where you’re either the victim or the victor. And your beliefs about WHO YOU ARE and what you’re capable of make all the difference.

The Universe will deliver to you the things that match your vibration. ⁣Everything around us and within us is energy and energy carries a certain frequency. Inside this blog, frequency and vibration are interchangeable.

Are your vibes MOSTLY high or are they low?⁣ You will know by how you feel.

If you’re worried, frustrated, fearful or resentful about something and it’s the way you feel most of the time - more situations will occur in your life that will match the lower vibrations that you are carrying.⁣

The same occurs for when you feel really good, are at peace, and expect that great things will continue to happen. Having trust in yourself and the timing of your life is key.

How My Manifesting Journey Started

My journey of manifesting began in 2008 after experiencing some pretty big losses in my personal life. After the death of my 6-month old son and split from my significant other, I grieved for several months. But one day, I decided that I didn’t want my life to feel like one devastating event after another was going to happen. That way of existing wasn’t truly living and I wanted to be free from those thoughts and fears.

I watched the movie, The Secret, the previous year and understood the overall concept of the law of attraction which gave me the inspiration for what I chose to do next.

I bought a marble journal and began to write in it. Not in the way of recapping my days but by writing out how I wanted my days to go. I included details about how wonderful my cup of coffee would taste in the morning and the great time my daughter was going to have at the pool while I enjoyed a fashion magazine. I didn’t hold back on using my imagination to paint a picture of how I wanted my life to look and feel.

Within a couple of weeks, I started noticing that the things that I wrote about in my journal actually started happening!

This boosted my confidence and faith that I did have control over my circumstances by simply writing about what I desired and believing that it was real. And so I began to focus my attention on specifics like my income, health, home, and relationships. The circumstances regarding these areas of my life also began to morph into what I most desired. I named this first journal my MAGIC BOOK because it truly was a magical experience.

Vision boards are also a powerful manifesting tool that I use. A vision board provides a visual translation of your dreams, goals, and desires. I like to think of a vision board as a projection of your inner thoughts and when you display your vision board where you can see it daily, it impresses the subconscious mind. I typically do one to two vision boards a year. I enjoy looking back at what I put on my board to see how the images, pictures, and phrases manifested into reality.

Before I move forward, I want to be clear that manifesting is not only about writing things the way you want or vision boarding and then expecting everything to fall into place, exactly the way you want.

It doesn’t work that way. Manifestation is about inner work and healing the thought patterns and behaviors that keep you from allowing more abundance, love, and prosperity into your life.

I’ve read a ton of personal growth books, have attended seminars and purchased programs on mindset. I’ve also been very proactive in exploring my spirituality and have found that yoga, meditation, and breathwork are wonderful modalities to assist me in clearing negative energy, thoughts, and blocks.

I’ve learned to heal the things within me that have created unnecessary drama, suffering, and limitations. I will continue to learn, expand and grow.

Manifestation has everything to do with the intentional use of your thoughts, actions, expectations and willingness to get uncomfortable so that you can live the life that you want.

My Favorite Manifestations

Here are a few of my favorite manifestation stories:

After working for just three months in Corporate Travel Sales for a travel management company, I won an all expense paid trip to Singapore.

A few weeks prior to this amazing manifestation, I saw a Korean Air commercial on television and thought of how cool it would be to fly Korean Air one day. Soon, I decided that I would fly Korean Air and wrote about it and then left it at that. Several weeks later, the company that I was working for held their monthly evening meeting where they brought in their vendor travel partners (typically hotels and airlines) to provide updates on their newest products. A representative from Korean Air came in to talk about their new Airbus 380 jet which was a two-level aircraft that had its own duty-free store, bar and other amenities. Not only did I win the trip to Singapore but I also won a free business class flight on Korean Air!

Manifesting my first luxury car was a longer process because I kept growing and didn’t REALLY know what would be the most fitting car for me.

But once I got clear on what I wanted, things moved fast. Thanks to having to rent a car for a few days (because my 2010 Mercury Mariner needed yet another repair!), I was given the option to drive around a BMW 330i for a few days. That experience solidified my decision on what kind of car to get (Thank you, Universe).

After that it was easy! I got my own 2020 330i the following week. Baby is her name and she is perfect for me in so many ways.

Keys to Manifesting Miracles in Your Life

The key to manifesting miracles into your life is to conjure the positive feelings that you believe they will bring BEFORE you get it. ⁣

Feeling good along the journey to manifesting is so important. If this has been a struggle for you, get some assistance from a counselor, trusted friend, through discovering the things that you enjoy, or by asking God, Allah or whatever your source for divine love and intelligence is.⁣

Breathe in and exhale deeply. Then hold the vision of something that you want in your mind. ⁣

Imagine that you already have what you want and begin to create a story around how you’re feeling by having it.⁣

Doing this practice for just 1 to 2 minutes will lift your vibration to a higher frequency.⁣

Imagine doing this short practice throughout the day, everyday - when you’re feeling great and when you’re not feeling so hot.⁣

While our goals are centered around magnetizing miracles around your business, you can focus on any aspect of life that you want.

By doing so, you will manifest something great in a short period of time.⁣

If it’s taking longer than you would like - the only thing left is to do your best and SURRENDER it to God or the Universe to handle the rest.

So, if you’re in the midst of a mini or massive transition - and have felt it necessary to take a step back from your typical activities - remember that surrender is sweet.

Because release feels so much better than resistance and having trust that there's something amazing on the other side of this can be your lifeline.

My Mantra for Manifesting

My favorite mantra for manifesting is:

"What is meant for me cannot be denied nor taken away."

When I feel resistance, I repeat this mantra - whether to myself or out loud - and feel its anxiety-inducing grip release while the welcoming feeling of peace and “all-rightness” comes in.

Doing this brings me peace of mind to know that everything will work out beautifully because I trust that the Universe has heard my wishes AND I believe that what I want is meant for me.

I share this to encourage you to have a mantra of your own to use for dissipating the feelings of resistance or self doubt that may arise, especially as you expand your beliefs. You can be, do and have everything that your heart desires but it will take practice in truly believing this.

What have you manifested lately? Take a look around you.

Maybe you've witnessed something manifest in your life that you'd only dreamed of or thought to yourself, "It would be nice to have ___ OR "I'm SO looking forward to the day when ____ happens."

If you want to manifest the things that you know will add value and peace and joy and freedom to your life then you must conjure those feelings right now.

Yes, you can be aware of what's happening in the world around you and be proactive in advocating for the things that you want to see changed. But remember, your joy is non-negotiable.

Grace, joy and peace of mind allow you to welcome the goodness of the world in, because there is LOTS of goodness all around. The beautiful thing is that it starts with you. Miracles abound, when you are in the flow, you can’t miss them.

Keasha Lee is a Personal Branding Coach, Copywriter, and is CEO & Founder of Striking Statements. Through her business, she helps conscious and driven entrepreneurs, creatives and brands get NOTICED, REMEMBERED & PAID through the steps of her Embodied Branding Blueprint. You can learn more about her on Instagram and at her website:

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