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How to Stop Comparing and Tap Into Your Perfect Creative Self-Expression

Focusing on the “competition” and comparing yourself to others is one of the biggest factors that prevent people from trying something new and stepping out to share their unique talents, solutions and services. When it comes to creating content around what you stand for, who you are here to help and are passionate about, your fear and intimidation may have you saying things like, “The market is too saturated in this area” or “What can I share that hasn’t already been said or done before?”

The truth is, it really doesn’t matter how many people are already doing the same thing that you are.

Even if you share information on the exact same topic or sell the same services, your unique self-expression of the facts cannot be duplicated. You have a unique lens of the world that includes your experiences, wisdom and personality. These elements will produce something that will resonate with a segment of the population in a way that no one else can.

I was able to see this concept in action when I attended my first Paint & Sip event. If you are unfamiliar with the term, a Paint & Sip gathering provides the opportunity to get together with your partner or friends and some strangers to create your own custom art.

Your ticket pays for art supplies, a glass of wine, and the art instructor who guides you through the step-by-step process of recreating the selected image of the evening.

For a long time, I resisted attending these social events because I didn’t want to paint the same picture as everyone else. It just seemed so homogenous. But once I finally did and saw the end result, I was pleasantly surprised.

I couldn’t believe how different everyone’s painting turned out and it was so cool to see!

This photo is from our first gathering…

Attending my first art and wine event showed me the following:

1. Creative Self-Expression Cannot Be Duplicated

Even though we had the same art instructor, the same supplies, and of course the same image to paint - our paintings were so drastically diverse because they were expressed through our unique self-expression.

2. If You Can See It, You Can Achieve It

If you have the vision and the desire, then you are capable of doing it. By taking the steps, developing your skills, and surrounding yourself with supportive people then it’s possible for you to achieve.

3. Nobody Can Do You Like You

You can go into a room or digital space and share the same type of information and products but it will be conveyed differently because it’s coming through you, it will be received differently because it’s coming through you and it will feel different because...that’s right! It’s delivered through your unique and perfect creative self-expression.

Keep doing the things that excite and intrigue you. You can’t go wrong if it feels thrilling. Experiment and learn along your journey. This is what life is about. Happy travels. ✌🏽

By the way, if anything I shared in this post resonated with you, I’d love to know about it.

Share your thoughts below. 💞

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