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How Much Could Your Life Improve

Within 30 Days?

The answer is A LOT!


A whole lot of positive, delightful and unprecedented transformation can happen in your life within 30 days! 


You may have heard of manifestation but do you know how to embody a way of BEing that brings in all of the goodness that your heart and soul desires?

Would you like to learn how to start intentionally manifesting more abundance, connection, courage, and momentum in any area of your life?

Have you already used some manifestation tools but still haven't gotten the results that you wanted?


Enrollment for this program is currently closed.

I truly believe that what is meant for you cannot be denied nor taken away 

Hey! My name is Keasha Lee Ince [EN-JAY] and I'm a Messaging Mentor, Speaker, and Spiritual Activator on a mission to help you manifest greatness in your life.

You aren't meant to hide your light, squander your talent or dismiss your desires because of past experiences or the fact that the world can be chaotic, uncertain and hard.

If you have a desire in your heart, it's important to listen in and take action in the direction of where that desire is leading you.

Worrying is easy to do!

Let's try something different.

What if you put your focus in possibility instead of pain?


✅ You're ready to take a stand  for YOUR DREAMS right now.


You want to achieve new levels of SUCCESS in all areas of your life.

You're tired of holding back and passing up opportunities that you know deep down you'd love to pursue.


✅ It's time to FULLY OWN who you've become so you can show up with more confidence, authority and make a meaningful difference in the world.

JOIN NOW for just $197

Enrollment for this program is currently closed.

I've manifested so many miracles in my life within just 30 days!

I manifested my dream home in sunny San Diego within 30 days.


I booked a commercial from my very FIRST AUDITION within two weeks of signing an acting agent.

I've attracted opportunities, wonderful clients, and mentors within 30 days as well!

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✅ A Custom 30-Day Manifestation Plan.

✅ Mindset tools to help you build and sustain momentum.

✅ Foundational framework for understanding how to embody the energy of already having what you want to before it manifests.

✅ A supportive community of like-minded people who want to experience unprecedented levels of JOY, FULFILLMENT, and SUCCESS.

✅ Weekly accountability via LIVE GROUP calls so that you SHOW UP for yourself and develop the discipline necessary to have a high standard of self-integrity.

Imagine what could happen if you learned how to intentionally manifest what you wanted

Are you ready to harness your energy so that you can experience EMBODIED MANIFESTATION?

Join now for just $197

How good would you feel about yourself?

What kind of example would you be displaying for your children, community, and loved ones?

It can happen for you and it DOES NOT matter what is going on outside you.

Wait! There's more!

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