Are you struggling to grow your list?

Do you want to send more emails but get hung up on what to say?

Does the thought of creating a content calendar or batching emails make you cringe?

Are you finding it hard to get people to open your emails and take action?

Does an email sequence sound like something only overachievers or people with Virtual Assistants can manage?


The INBOX LOVE Email Marketing workshop covers it all!!


💌 When it Comes to Email Marketing:


You don't need 1000's of subscribers to inspire a difference, establish your credibility and grow your business with email marketing.

In this high vibe workshop, I will show you how to implement the work habits and systems that will serve you now and in the future as your subscriber list and impact grows.

You'll be amazed at how easy is can be to use email marketing to make a connection with your subscribers and watch them become your biggest fans and customers.

💌 Here's What You'll Learn:

✅ The 5 Emails That Go In A Welcome Sequence. (This you will be able to copy/paste into your own emails and tweak to your brand.)

✅ 3 Must-Have Essentials for Subject Lines that People Can't Ignore

✅ The One Mindset Shift That Will Banish Your Self-Doubt

✅ How to Create a Lead Magnet That Attracts Your Ideal Clients

✅ Tips for Batching & Repurposing Your Content So You Can Show Up Effortlessly without Spending a Ton of Time Creating Copy from Scratch

You'll also receive 1:1 copy coaching & editing from me during our time together.

💌 Your Investment is Just $247

"For those of you still wondering, there's power in having a good email strategy for your business. I spent today learning all the new strategies and tips from one of the best on the topic, Keasha Lee Ince, so I can serve my clients better. Heading back to work on my next newsletter! Stay Tuned!"

— Simone Talarico Ross 

"I'm so excited that thanks to Keasha and her amazing "Inbox Love" workshop, I now have a totally legit welcome email sequence for my business that includes some cool freebies!"

— Dawn Ressel

Join a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, consultants and creatives to share ideas with and gain inspiration.

And you will most DEFINITELY take action and begin writing better emails before you leave for the day.

💌 The date of the next workshop will be announced soon!