A Striking Statement Will Get You Noticed AND Remembered 

Perhaps your messaging was clear and clever at one point. But you have EVOLVED.


And while you’ve been doing a pretty good job of writing your own content, you know it's not enough to help you STAND OUT and get REMEMBERED the way you desire.


This can be really frustrating because you feel compelled to step BOLDLY into your next level of impact but you're stuck on how to get your messaging to EMBODY the essence of who you are NOW.

A message that’s unclear can stifle your impact and block your prosperity. ⁣

My joy and mission is to help evolutionary entrepreneurs like you EMBODY your message so that you can step into your next level of CLARITY, CONNECTION and CASH FLOW.⁣

If you're still reading then it's probably time for you to start making Striking Statements in your business.


Because when you make Striking Statements, you ATTRACT the people you are meant to serve through words that FEEL good so you can CONFIDENTLY show up online (or on paper) in a more GENUINE way through copy that’s clear, meaningful and persuasive.


Hi, I’m Keasha Lee Ince.

For 9+ years, I’ve mentored and written copy for 100’s of entrepreneurs and organizations that exudes clarity, truth and connection.

Copy that has

helped them confidently share their ideas, attract their ideal audiences, and market their services and offerings.

I use a relatable, high-energy and intuitive approach to copywriting and believe the best way to make a Striking Statement is to get clear on what you stand for.

EYM Strategy Sessions

A 1:1 virtual coffee date over Zoom to uncover the source of your biggest messaging challenges.

By the end of our time together you'll receive THREE takeaways that will Enhance Your Message right away.

Email Marketing Copy

Get done-for-you  emails that make a connection, inspire a difference and convert readers into buyers.

“Keasha wrote copy that connects to our clients on a personal level, which makes us relatable and that’s so important. She was also great at picking up on our strengths, which uniquely emphasized our skillset, setting us apart from our competitors. I can’t thank her enough and highly recommend her talent to anyone interested in growing their business.”

 “Working with Keasha has been so valuable and even more successful for me because she offers a hybrid of coaching (I do the work) and copywriting services (she does the work). In my experience, it’s been either one or the other. When it’s both, it’s a powerful combination of growth + clarity,  AND having an end product to actually walk away with (that nails your message because of the coaching). It really takes a lot of pressure off when you have someone by your side doing the heavy lifting with you.”

"Keasha worked wonders with my content. The way that she understood me and was able to read between the lines to capture who I am and what I do so early in our conversation was bananas! She is truly remarkable."

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