I've had a big increase in sales and consistency with work since I relaunched my website and hired Keasha to refresh my copy. The most common thing I hear from people who book assessment calls or send emails inquiring about my services is that they feel so connected to my message and values. Keasha helped me immensely! She tweaked and edited my copy in a way that added a polished professionalism while still sounding 100% like me. This is one of the reasons I feel so confident when referring her to my clients and continue to collaborate with her on projects. I have peace of mind knowing that my content is Keasha approved. ~ Megan Barker

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Keasha understands language, period. She used her spectacular talents to assist us in editing the content for the Intelligentsia e-blast and we are super pleased. Candace Carson, The Intelligentsia Agency

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Keasha is a passionate & fabulous copywriter that really "gets" how to communicate with your ideal clients! She dove in deep with me, helping me go beyond the surface (which often ends up sounding like everyone else) and really articulated my deeper, most authentic message. I highly recommend Keasha's copywriting services! ~ Rebecca Massoud

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Keasha is amazing to work with! It has been difficult for me in the past to envision my target client as I didn't ’t want to pigeonholed or exclude anyone. Through Keasha's EYM group mentorship program, I was able to think more deeply about how specifying the kind of client I would like to work with brings me into greater alignment with people that can help me to manifest my company's vision. I am finally working with clients who are a joy to work with and help me grow my impact. I cannot thank her enough! ~ Ja'Net Lyons