Hola. Merhaba. Hello. I'm Keasha and my mission is to help brilliant entrepreneurs and organizations like you make a bigger and more genuine impact through copy that’s aligned with who you are NOW.

Through a practical process that evokes powerful results, I empower my clients to identify what they STAND FOR, who they serve and how. This is achieved through equal parts messaging mentorship and  copywriting that exudes truth, clarity, and connection.

Why does this matter? 

Because you want to FEEL confident when sharing your ideas, marketing your services and CALLING your people in. You don't want to feel hesitant, unsure, frustrated or shameful because you can't quite articulate your mission in a way that people get with as few words as possible.

What makes me good? I know people and I can help them release the resistant thought patterns that keep them from SHOWING up in a BIGGER way.

What makes me great? I'm intuitive, creative, discerning and I care a helluva lot. For 6+ years, I've helped written copy for entrepreneurs, creatives and organizations that has helped them confidently make a bigger impact and attract more of their ideal audiences quicker.

What I've learned through my professional roles in public relations, sales, hospitality, retail, and an unforgettable gig as a Michelle Obama look alike is this:

No matter how old you are, where you're from, or what you do - every person's desire is to be acknowledged and truly heard.

I'm here to help you get heard for who you really are RIGHT NOW so that you can attract the people you WANT to WORK WITH at this moment: because evolution is part of the process.



  • Café Americano

  • Yoga

  • Dark Chocolate

  • San Diego Sunsets

  • Journals (all kinds)

  • Cooking or exploring the best spots for yummy plant-based food

  • Spending quality time with my husband and daughter

  • Watching Home Decor DIY videos on YouTube

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