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 THE do's & Don'ts

of marketing in times of transition

A webinar


Are you struggling to find just the right words to communicate what you stand for, who you help and why it matters?

Do you feel hesitant about marketing your services because you don't want to come off as insensitive or inappropriate?

Are your concerns about the future making it difficult for you to show up with confidence?

Would you like to ease the stress of trying to figure "it all out" right now?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then this webinar is your solution!

If yes, then join me on June 25th for the 5 Keys to Writing Better Copy with Ease Webinar!!


During this Masterclass, I’m going to share the same process I take my 1:1 clients through to help them ENHANCE their message so they can step into their next level of clarity, connection, and cash flow.

The cost to join is only $19

This workshop is for you if:

✅ It takes you FOREVER to write an email to your list, blog, or even a social media caption so you procrastinate overhauling your messaging.

✅ You feel frustration and shame because you can't quite articulate what you do, who you serve and how.

You procrastinate on updating your copy and continue using the same old lackluster messaging which keeps attracting the people you no longer want to work with.

You want to see an increase of conversions for the offers you promote online but are unsure on how to write your sales pages and opt-ins to that REALLY get people to TAKE ACTION.

What I'm Covering in the Masterclass:

✅ How to hone your messaging so it clearly reflects your mission, who you serve, and how. This is the first step to attracting your ideal clients.

✅ Identifying YOUR soulmate clients. What to do when your ideal client changes and how to quickly shift your message to create engagement on demand.


✅ Using LANGUAGE that makes your audience scream YES to your offers, no matter what price.

✅ The importance of telling your story to establish CONNECTION and CREDIBILITY.

The WAY that you talk about your offerings makes all the difference in HOW EFFECTIVELY you sell your expertise.

 Learn how to dramatically UPLEVEL your COPY and your CONFIDENCE


Get in for only $27