The Embody Your message 3-Part masterclass

As an entrepreneur, one thing is inevitable: Your evolution to your next level.

But what happens when you need to convey this EVOLVED version of yourself through your brand messaging but you aren't sure of what to say or where to start?

When your messaging is unclear and outdated, it stifles your impact and blocks your prosperity.

⚡️Are you still holding onto an old identity because you’re not sure how to  describe who you are now?

⚡️Do you feel shame and frustration because you want to be taken more seriously but need clarity in how to express what you do, who you help, and why it matters?

⚡️Is there a mismatch between how you want to show up and what you’re actually doing?


If you’ve been holding onto an identity that you no longer align with, how do you expect to create messaging that will attract the right people?

The Embody Your Message 3-Part Masterclass is a FREE video series that's now available on-demand! 🎉




Each day you will receive a video that offers practical writing tips + powerful action steps

to give you the jumpstart you need to create messaging that gets you NOTICED, REMEMBERED, and PAID.

My name is Keasha Lee Ince [En-Jeh] and I’m a Messaging Mentor, Copywriter and the Founder of Striking Statements

I LOVE helping service-based entrepreneurs and creatives stand out and elevate their image through messaging that's clear, memorable, and genuine.

For 10+ years I've been honing my craft as a Messaging Mentor and Copywriter to help my clients embody the next level leader that they are becoming so that they can have a business and life that they love.


Evolution is a part of the journey and it's not easy to get your messaging to catch up to who you are. I know because I haven't always had the clarity nor the conviction to show up in the way that I do now. 

When I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2007, I struggled to find the words that truly and accurately conveyed who I was, what my offerings were and who I helped.

What would happen if you actually had messaging that was aligned with who you are now?

😍 What would your life look like if you had the right messaging that could help you stand out, be remembered AND get paid the way that you desire?


Messaging that embodies who YOU ARE and is focused on addressing the transformation that you can make for your ideal clients will naturally attract who you are truly meant to work with.

When you EMBODY your message, you can easily and clearly convey:

⚡️Your mission and values.

⚡️Who will benefit the most from your solutions.

⚡️Why what you have to offer matters right NOW.​

Here’s What You Will Learn In The Embody Your Message 3-Part Master Class Series:

Day 1: What do you Stand For? We all stand for something. What you stand for reflects the essence of who you are. Who you are is the biggest statement you have to make to the world. Let's make sure it's clear.

Day 2: Convey Your Transformation: You must know who your people are, let them know you understand them, and share your process for working with you. What are the outcomes that they can expect?

Day 3: Believe You are a Badass. Evolve how you view yourself, the way you show up, and how you talk about what you do and who you help. This will make all the difference in the types of people and opportunities that you will attract.

Are you ready to step into your next level of clarity, confidence and cashflow?

Before I learned how to embody my message, I stifled my impact by being inconsistent in what I shared about myself because - although I had the talent and skills to help others in a tremendous way - I felt INADEQUATE in explaining who this newest version of Keasha was and why my offerings mattered. 

Sound familiar?

It took an intentional process to move from a place of frustration and stagnation to a state of ease, clarity and confidence.


When I reframed my thoughts on how I wanted to show up and began to EMBODY the person I was becoming, it shifted how I used my words to express what I stand for, what I do and who I help. 

🔮Having clear and authentic messaging attracted amazing people and opportunities to me like magic and my business transformed for the better.


I created the Embody Your Message (EYM) Masterclass to share 3 essential steps of my Brand Messaging Blueprint with you so that you can SHOW UP, command attention, and ATTRACT your ideal people with ease, too.

Keasha is truly an inspiration.

Emmy May.jpg

I am sooo beyond excited and motivated to continue to grow my blog now! Thanks so much for making this class so accessible and for sharing you powerful words of wisdom!

Emmy May, The Plant Based Bae

Keasha is a brilliant leader who inspires bold, authentic action! 

Lindsey Turnbull.png

Keasha’s Embody Your Message experience offered me some great insight into my message and whom I wanted to receive it. She helped me to express myself more effectively and connect with my ideal clients while encouraging my uniqueness to shine through!

Lindsey Turnbull, MissHeard Media

This Masterclass will give you the jumpstart that you need to:

❤︎ EMBODY what you stand for, what you value, and the mission that you’re destined to fulfill.

❤︎ Enhance your visibility as a leader in your industry and trusted resource.


​❤︎ Stay top of mind so people will think of you first.

Keasha is amazing to work with!

Ja'Net Lyons

It had been difficult for me in the past to envision and talk about how my offerings are unique.Through Keasha's EYM Masterclass, I was able to get specific about the kind of client I would like to work with and how my process creates results. Now my messaging is in greater alignment with my company's vision and I'm finally attracting clients who are a joy to work with. I cannot thank her enough! 

Ja'Net Lyons, J. Lyons Designs

How you use your words makes a big difference in the way that you perceive the world and the impact that you make within it.

Are you ready to EMBODY your message?


My mission is to help you harness the power of your words so that you can STAND OUT and attract the people and opportunities that will transform your business and your life. 

~Keasha Lee Ince